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Hi friend,


Mac here, the founder of BGH. I believe transparency is paramount for our friends here on the web. So, you should know that we will receive a commission for any purchase you make, following a click from you, that leads to one of our many affiliate links. All products lacking the “BGH logo” include affiliate links.


BGH recommends products based upon 1) hands-on product testing “BGHLOVE” 2) qualified manufacturer’s technical data “BGHLIKE” 3) products from reputable companies that we think our friends will find interesting and useful “no mark”.


Our start was rather humble but included big plans. In the beginning it was just green living and environmental conservation blogging along with affiliate marketing. As we develop our own brand we plan to continue marketing for our affiliate friends. So, be sure to look for the “BGH logo” for our branded products and direct purchases. For everything else, it’s safe to assume that the link leads to a terrific manufacturer or distributor.


You should also know that we have not and will not receive any payment, favor or consideration for any of our reviews or mentions.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.


Your friend,




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