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Mac's Bio

Mac grew up variously between the Southern Sierra Mountains and the beaches of Southern California. Rock climbing, snow skiing, fly fishing and surfing consumed his free time, so it’s no surprise that he has a passion for Mother Nature and conservation.

He started his first job in the summer before his freshman year in high school. Working for a strand of food concessions on the sand in Huntington Beach, he became a stand supervisor and shortly thereafter a manager. Early on he learned that it was terrific having extra money while in school, and so he saved enough to buy a 69 Chevy pickup before obtaining his driver’s license. Driving allowed more freedom and play time than riding a bicycle, that is when he wasn’t studying or working.

His first significant selling experience also came in high school when he was hired to operate a pro shop for a local, private, golf course. Selling what people already wanted was clearly something he enjoyed. After graduating from high school and starting part-time classes at a local community college he began working in a warehouse position for a national material handling distributor. He soon made friends with the company’s office personnel and sales management and made it clear that he’d really like a chance to join the sales team. He spent 5 years growing a local territory and continuing part time classes, before deciding that the Sierra’s where calling him again.


After a few seasons playing on the rock and in the snow, he moved back to Southern California where he met up with his high school sweetheart. Soon they were married and their first child, Cody Benjamin, was on the way.


It was time to get serious about deciding on a career that would comfortability support his new family. After changing majors three times, he decided that Sales or Sales Management would be a good fit. Taking night classes and working three part-time jobs he completed his degree and was then hired by a water treatment equipment distributor/manufacturer. His second child, Tyler Ryan, arrived before he was promoted to Sales Manager for the manufacturing division. Here, Mac led the development and implementation of a national distribution network and built a team of 5 Regional Sales Managers.


Seven years later, Mac was lured away by a fledgling company that was designing custom adhesives dispensing systems. After nearly walking out the first day, the CEO of the company convinced him to stay. He now reflects, that it was the CEO’s then-current nomination for the SBA’s Businessman of the Year award that swayed his decision to stay.


Mac enjoyed 14 years working for the same owner and another 2-1/2 years after the company was acquired by an international adhesives distributor. He grew sales in Western North America to $4.7M at its peak. Two years prior to the acquisition he held the title of Sales Manager and was thrilled to mentor two Regional Sales Managers. In his final two years with the organization Mac operated as the in-house applications expert and was tasked with implementing new marketing objectives. In this role he directed development of the company’s new website, created the company’s new marketing materials and managed all social media communications and content.


Those last two years sparked his creative interest in digital and social media marketing. He began studying web design and soon built his own website and blog where he cut his teeth on affiliate marketing. His current learning objectives are to improve his knowledge of digital marketing strategy for his personal business goals as well as the needs of his next employer.


These days he regularly enjoys volunteering for several environmental non-profit groups and his local dog park as well as hiking with his rescue pups and kayaking. Mac is also an advocate for food equity and ending hunger, which is why he built and operates a free neighborhood food pantry in his front yard.


Reflecting on his boys, “As a parent, I’ve always believed that the single most important aspect of my responsibility is to help guide my children to no longer need me.” Mission accomplished.

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