About us:We exist for two reasons; 1) to ensure that earth's current inhabitants have a healthy environment in which to exist and 2) to leave a healthy earth for its future inhabitants.

We hope you agree, limiting consumption of renewable and non-renewable resources is more important today than ever before. Bishop’s Green Home is dedicated to that effort. To prove it, we offer free DIY guides as options to the eco-friendly products we offer. In doing so, we hope to motivate more people to live a greener life. 

If DIY isn't for you, we endorse fully vetted products that are eco-friendly for gardening, landscaping, pets, your home, personal care and health. (More)

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Our DIY page is not only a place for learning and saving money, but for collaboration, sharing projects with other members, eco-events and volunteer opportunities. Let us know what you'd like to share, we'll give you all the credit and possibly feature your project or event in our blog.

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